My First Post!

Doing this the right way!

Two weeks of eating clean and working out

First off I am just going to start by saying I am by no means a writer! Second yes this is linked to my facebook and if you don’t want to see it either do not read it or delete me. It will not hurt my feelings. I’m doing this for myself! I did pictures to document both of my pregnancies with my body changing everyday. I intend to do the same thing as I get fit and document it with words so that maybe it will inspire someone else.

I started out this journey just thinking I could eat whatever and work out hard to see results. Well let me be the first to tell you I was wrong. So I made a meal plan of clean eating and have stuck to it and my workout routine for two weeks and down 5lbs today. 🙂 (Yay me!) Today I braved up and decided to take a big challenge for myself! I signed up as a Beach Body Coach and will be doing a 21 day challenge. I will be doing 7 different 30 min workout 3 times each and following a basic meal plan. I’m also anxious to tryout Shakeology! I’m looking for 1-3 more people to try this challenge out with me for some support so if you are interested please join me! I’d love to have some support and maybe we can meet up a few days and do the work outs together!


Anyways I really just wanted to document this new journey so I can look back in a few year and say “WOW! I’ve come a long ways!”. I would love if you followed me and possibly even joined me in this challenge. Even if you are miles away we can still do this together!




I have been busting my rear to eat clean the past two weeks. Today I was craving a jalapeno burger so I made one and kept it clean. 100 cal whole wheat bun, ground turkey with jalapenos in it, lettuce, tomatoe, 1 tbsp of low fat cheese and a tiny bit of smashed avocado with a sidr of roasted chickpeas. It was delicous!