Getting stronger

IMG_20140301_221954So I’m really proud of myself. I started this journey wanting to lose 20lbs. I’m proud to say I am down 10 so far and No one can stop me! A couple years ago I had someone come up and ask me if I was ever going to grow up. (If you don’t know me I’m very short right at 4″11) Before I could say anything this person goes on to say you know some people they grow tall and other just grow out the other way so you must grow out the other way. WHAT? I really didn’t know what to say to this person. I was just in awe and hurt. It didn’t make it any better that it was one of my own family member that said this to me. I mean come on…. at the time I was only 100lbs. Gezzz I want I would give to be 100lbs right now. Haha Anyways here I am today thinking this person will not win. I will fight until the end. I will not let anyone tell me that the only way I can grow is to grow out. I am growing muscles and becoming stronger everyday.

Here is just an update on what I’ve had going on the past few days…

I started The 21 Day Fix with beach body on Thursday and love it! I’m not going to say it’s easy because I’d be lying to you. I thought it would be pretty easy for me since I’ve been working out already by but my body must have grown accustomed to the work outs I was doing. My body is sore! In a good way. I am seeing a lot of new muscle definition coming in and am so proud/excited. Still working on toning my lower stomach but hey it’s not going to happen over night. It is getting there though!

Something new I’ve tried this week is Shakeology. Guys I love it!!! Its all whole foods and taste delicious. I like to do a cup of water, half cup of frozen strawberries, a tsp of unsweetened coco powder with a scoop of vanilla Shakeology. Just talking about it makes me want on. It defiantly helps with the sweet tooth. If you are interested in trying it out let me know and I can show you were to order yours!

I am a Brand New Beach body Coach! I am so ready to help you guys reach your goals so get with me soon and let me help you get on the right track to a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks for keeping up with me and all of the support! I greatly appreciate it all.


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