Losing the Mommy Pooch!

This post is for you mommies! Especially c-section mommies since I’ve had two. I remember being told my skin will not go back to how it was. I thought I was going to have this wrinkly belly forever. That is until I started doing my own research and actually working out (and sticking with it).  


My first c-section was March 9th 2011. I was huge with my son. I gained a ton of water weight and swelled something horrible. I lost all my baby weight pretty fast but was so upset with the way my stomach looked. I have very few stretch marks but they are the silver stretch marks so it a hard to see them. I didn’t work out at all after my son was born so I was defiantly not in shape even though I had lost all my baby weight. Then I had my second c-section with my daughter. The baby weight came off fast again and I actually worked out for about 2 months. Nothing heavy just some simple work outs. Shortly after I started a new birth control and I started having break through bleeding. I gained quite a bit of extra weight. You can imagine I was not thrilled about this! I had stopped working out and got to the point where I hated to look at myself in the mirror. I thought it was impossible to lose my mom belly. I just assumed I would have that mommy pouch all the time. I was so wrong. 


Week by week I am seeing it disappear. I am in no way ripped with muscle. I know I still have a lot of work to do. But hey… I’m getting off the couch and doing something about it. I am learning discipline! I see my stomach skin toning up and losing the wrinkles that I was so self conscious about. I see little muscles popping out and forming each week. 


I really just do not want to see you mommies getting disappointed. You can look anyway you want after having a baby. You just have to choose what kind of figure you want and work hard for it!


I’ve been meaning to share my email with you so you can pass on any questions you May have for me. You are welcome to send me topics that I will look into or questions you may have for me. You can contact me at beglass09@gmail.com. 



The top two pictures are from where i started and the two bottom are from this past weekImage. . 

My Journy Update

My weight has pretty much stayed where it’s been but each week I am seeing significant changes in my body. My back muscles are really popping out and my arms and legs are toning up very nicely. Each week I see my belly getting smaller and tighter. I love watching my body change. It is so amazing how much a week can change your body. I sure hope you all will join me in my next challenge! Have a fantastic weekend. 





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