Just a little update

IMG_20140419_182221I have not posted in a while! Every time I start to something happens and I end up forgetting. So here it goes!


I am now the Group leader for our towns No Excuse Moms group. We meet up twice a week and workout while the kids have play time. Just starting out was pretty slow But each week we are adding more mom’s. Its really amazing to see so many different types of women coming together not only to motivate but to empower one other. We are all beautiful no matter what shape or form we come in. I’m truly thankful for all the No Excuse Moms who are leading a wonderful example to not only their children but to their community. That includes EVERY No Excuse Mom around the world.

(If you haven’t heard of No Excuse Moms go to http://www.noexcusemom.com and you will see what I mean by leading great examples. You can also see if there is a group in your area.)


One an update on my personal goals. I am now 5-8LBs (give or take) away from my goal weight. I’m not displeased with the weight I’m at now so if I stayed here and continue to tone up I will be pleased. Although I should be keeping up with all of my other workouts I’ve really been focusing on my core lately. My goal is to build up strong abs. I’m hoping this will help tighten up my belly skin and help me feel more comfortable about my stomach. On top of my core workouts I’ve picked up running! I was actually surprised by how easy it was for me to do. I even stepped out of my comfort zone and stuck both kids in a jogging stroller and just took off. To my surprise they both loved it and pass out every time we go. I’ve really been struggling with my clean eating lately. By trying to please My husband I haven’t been as strict on what I’ve ate as I was doing. This week I am hitting It hard and going to be very strict on myself. By June I want to be ready to rock that red bikini I had before I got pregnant with my oldest. FYI I’m almost there!!! I tried it on and surprisingly my stomach muscles Look a lot better now then they did back in summer 2010. The only thing I’m not happy about is the extra skin around to belly but I am watching it slowly tighten back up. Very pleased with my results. Anyways it is getting way to late for this mama and duty calls in the morning!