I’m at it again!


Yesterday I started the 21 day fix again! Today was day two and I was so proud that on the first round of circuit one I did 40 pushups in 60 seconds. Then in the second circuit I made it to 45 pushups! Did I mention right after pushups you go into one minute planks?! Yeah it was intense and amazing!!! I thought I would never be able to do push ups but guess what I’m doing them. A few months ago I struggled doing modified pushups so this is a HUGE deal for me.


On top of eating clean I am also doing a detox cleanse. I recently had some medical issues and was super bloated so I need to clean my body out. By the end of this 21 days I plan to have these last 5-8 lbs off and have a more defined core. I’m still doing up to 3 days of running with the kids in a stroller so I feel like that will be a plus on top of my No Excuse Moms meet ups. I’m looking forward to taking you through this process with me and showing my final results after the 21 days.


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